Bahama Mama

About a year ago, not knowing how brutal this winter was going to be, we planned a trip down to the Bahamas in January. We thought it would be a nice break from the cold and, if we got lucky, maybe catch a bonefish or two.
Calm day on the flats
Well this winter has been long and cold, with polar vortex now a phrase I’ve heard too many times, so this escape to the sunny tropics was a welcome relief. But, even in this paradise, cold fronts managed to sneak their way across Florida and the Gulf Stream to find us on our little island. Instead of warm ocean breezes on sunny days, we mostly faced overcast skies with strong winds and unseasonably cool temperatures.

Regardless of the conditions, we got out and found fish, often right along the beach where we were staying. We had Kalik and rum with a side of grouper fingers and conch. We learned some German and didn’t crash driving on the left side of the road. We had fun and we are ready to go back.

Some spottail love

It has been a long while, like a year, since we’ve posted anything. Instead of recapping everything, let’s start with last fall and our semi-annual trip to South Carolina.

As I’ve come to expect, we had miserable weather and almost didn’t fish since there was a small craft advisory in effect during our trip. We kept a close eye to the radar and Windfinder to pick our windows and we had some success despite the tough conditions.

Winter Wrap-Up

Temperatures are starting to rise, the days are getting longer, and it’s finally starting to feel a little like spring! It seemed like this winter dragged on past it’s time, but the reality is we started late.

Back in December air and water temps were still mild and I got some fishing in before the snow started to fall. Eventually the snows did begin, but it was right around the holidays and we postponed the winter experience by heading south to see family. We also took a day and got on the water with Charleston Shallows to fish for winter reds. It was a great way to wrap up the year and I ended up catching my largest SC redfish on fly (to date).

After getting home, winter really settled in and the fly tying began. We’re lucky to have such a diversity of species to fish for within a short drive, but that means lots of boxes to fill with a variety of patterns. I found myself going on binges, starting with crab patterns for stripers, moving on to Hendrickson emergers, then pike poppers, etc., etc… We should be fully stocked for this year, with the exception of some cicada patterns (but I’m working on that).

In March we had a few “warm” days that pushed our cabin fever beyond a bearable level, so we headed across the border to fish open water. Fishing was tough, but we managed to hook a couple trout while not getting frost bite. Then the cold returned with a firm grasp that has loosened slowly this April. Even with the cooler temps, we were into fish by mid-April, but that is for another post.

Giving thanks

Instead of the the typical turkey-day traditions, we decided to go swing flies for steelhead this Thanksgiving. The fishing was slow, but we still managed to get some tugs and even landed a couple fish. Here’s some evidence.


Dudes, sports, guests, clients whatever you call them, people paying guides are the reason many of us like my self get to make a living doing something we love. This video is a combination of two days fly fishing on the Big Hole River in SW Montana with two of my favorite “Dudes”. We had a ton of laughs, beautiful weather and great fishing. These two closed down my guide season for the year, and provided an excellent ending to a fantastic guide season.

For more videos and thoughts from Southwest Montana check out the blog,

In our time

Time to start saving for a trip to New Zealand…


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